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Ear Pure ™

The Ear Pure ™ is the ultimate solution for removing the excess earwax of the whole family.

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Diamond Skin ™

Purify your skin as professionals do thanks to the microdermoabrasion with diamonds of Adore Better Living® Diamon Skin Perfection.

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Oxy Care Pro ™

The rejuvenating effect of the oxygen stimulates the layers of the skin, accelerates the process of regeneration and allows a young and healthy look.
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Polar White ™

Enjoy an incredible smile with Polar White. The Oral-Irrigator helps to improve the hygiene of your mouth thanks to its water impulsion.
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Pearl Power Pro ™

New painless hair removal system. Pearl Power Pro™ uses the scientifical principles of thermo transfer to carry out a smooth pulse of heat.
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Cavilite ™

A massager that combines ultracavitation with LED light therapy. Its ultrasound system reduces localised fat and tightens the skin.
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Nailzel ™

The new, safe and painless nail care method with a perfect finish.
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Beauzee ™

Anti-ageing treatment that uses 1 Mhz ultrasonic wave technology to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin.
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Polar White™

Teeth Polishing. Get that incredible smile with the tooth whitener from Adore Better Living ®
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Carepil ™

Full set for soft, hair-free skin. The Epicare epilator includes 4 interchangeable heads: callus remover roller, head with electric tweezers to remove shorter hair (from 0.5 mm) in a lasting way.
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Youth Waves ™

With the size of a pen, it will help you to reduce crow’s feet, bags and rings. Its micro currents reach the underlying layers of the skin stimulating collagen synthesis in the skin and encouraging the production of coenzyme C8.
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Electric Callus Remover

Enjoy your smoothest feet in minutes thanks to the Adore® Electric callus remover. Its exclusive 360º rotation rollers are designed to gently remove dead, calloused or hard skin in seconds thanks to its fast mechanism
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Blood Pressure Monitor

Three simple steps: wrap cuff around wrist, press power button to start testing and read the results on the screen. Afterwards you can press + & – buttons to view previously recorded measurements.
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Snore Stopper

It reduces snoring frequency and volume without disturbing your sleep. Its biosensors detect snoring and stimulate your skin nerves with a soft and brief pulse detected by the brain, which learns to change posture and avoid snoring while sleeping.
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Skin Bright ™

Cleansing Waterproof Brush.

Enjoy the soothing effect of gentle deep cleaning thanks to the soft hairs of the Skin·Bright™ rotating brush. It is waterproof and operates on batteries. Extra brush and protective cover included.

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Lady Hair Trimmer

Goodbye cuts and pain! Shave any part of your body to its minimum in the most gentle and less irritating manner. The heat shaving system of Compact Hair Shaver will shave your hair in a gentle pass and can be used on any area of your body thanks to its mirror and incorporated light.
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Pearl Power Shaver

Shave any part of your body to its minimum in the most gentle and less irritating manner. The heat shaving system of Pearl·Power Hair Shaver will shave your hair in a gentle pass. Its press and roll security mechanism activates the device only when it is being used to prevent unwanted use.
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Reduce facial signs of fatigue and relax your mind.
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Hair Growth Set

Activate the growth and strength of your hair thanks to the innovative Hair Growth set, which combines laser technology with the power of infrared light and a vibrating biostimulation process. This new process helps you to enhance the blood flow of your scalp stimulating and nourishing your hair follicles. You will get denser and stronger hair in no time.
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Quit Smoke Magnet

Say goodbye to tobacco
Will help you achieve your goal of giving up smoking. The proven energy of bio-magnetism will help you curb cravings via auricular therapy (similar to acupuncture but without needles)

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No No Wax

Gentle and effective vacuum to remove ear cerumen and humidity. Perfect for all ages, including children. For the whole family: 4 interchangeable tips and 1 brush. Requires 2x AA batteries.
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CerviCalm ™

Relax your neck, shoulders & avoid headache from with CerviCalm®. Its 3 levels of inflatable cushions lets you get the exact amount of relief your cervicals need. Easy to carry with to relief cervical stress whenever you need it.
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Clear Sound

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ClikCalm ™

Advanced electro·pulse pain sedator.
This device combines the knowledge of acupuncture with modern technologies in an innovative and safe format.

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Neckvive ™

Advanced neck stimulator for perfect relax.
Combined together, they stimulate muscles and blood circulation, increase muscle strength, and enhance cell oxygenation.

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Snore Free Band ™

The Adore Better Living Snore Free Band allows to keep the jaw in the right position in order for the respiratory tract to stay open. This way, the air will flow freely and you’ll stop snoring.
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CellullesForce ™

This useful and practical Cellulles Force multifunction massager is based on vacuum therapy and has a number of positive effects that you’ll notice from the first applications. Cellulles Force is ideal for hips, legs, buttocks, arms, abdomen and back.
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SnoreFreeMagnets ™

No more sleepless nights!
When you get asleep, the muscles of your mouth and throat relax and the tongue is then more likely to fall back and compress the airway, causing snoring or making snoring louder. The Snore Free nose clips have magnets inside to prevent snoring.

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D.Pulse ™

Hair removal device based on pulsed-light technology. 100% safe and skin-friendly. Effective hair reduction with each treatment.
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Cellu Tone ™

Apply a soft massage with Cellu Tone ™ and recover the firmness and shine of your skin while reducing a couple of sizes without effort.
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Hair Force One ™

Thanks to Hair Force One you can activate the strength of your hair and promote growth. The innovative laser technology and the vibration massager stimulates the root of your hair improving circulation to the scalp.

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This is a wonderful Blood Pressure monitor! It is very easy to set up and use without any help from anyone else. It stores results, time and day for referral and stays there which makes it extremely easy to take to your doctor. Tom_47

It was great it works so well. It didn’t hurt at all. Where with waxing I was be red and and my skin was really sensitive. I used it on my lip and if was great. When i used on the bikini line I could go straight to the pool and no iteration. Gemma

I have been trying to find the perfect hearing aid, and I am happy with the Clear Sound from Adore. They stay in place while running and are very comfortable! The sound is excellent for its price ! Lizzy

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